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Having some serious nose bleeds. Asking for prayer.
23 November 2015 by Gerry Danen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Please join me in praying for my friend Scott.
I just found out doctors found 2 brain tumours on New year's day. He is now in palliative care.
19 September 2015 by Gerry Danen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Please pray for God's healing power on Michael, my friend from Church.
A growth was detected in his colon today. In addition, there are spots on his liver. He will need to undergo more conclusive tests on Friday, and results are expected on Saturday. Please pray for the Dr to make an accurate diagnosis and for treatment to be swift and effective. Please pray for strength of faith.
17 February 2009 by Joy Leong, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia email
Thank you for your prayers. Michael's faith in Jesus remains strong inspite of him being diagnosed with cancer in advanced stage. Please cover him continously in prayer?
22 February 2009
Thank you Father for answering our prayers. Michael will have a chemo port inserted tomorrow and takes his first treatment on 27 Feb 09. Please pray for God's powerful healing so that the chemo effectively eradicates those cancer cells! Please pray for family to unite, for past hurts to be forgiven, for peace and love to be restored to all whom Michael holds dear. May God's blessings be upon the medical team, all PWFY prayer partners and you, for your caring, loving kindness.
25 February 2009
Father has been good. Michael's first chemo treatment is over and he is home now. There has been an outpouring of support for him, and there is even contact with a brother and sister. Please continue praying that God will do a miracle! Thank you.
2 March 2009
Michael is easily tired, but well and thankful to God for the support and prayers he has received from everyone. He has been keeping himself occupied with his hobby of collecting and trading coins and banknotes. He has an appoitment with the Oncologist on 11 March 2009. Please keep him in your prayers? God bless
8 March 2009
Thank you for your prayers - Michael tires easily, but is ready to undergo the 2nd cycle of Chemo (18-19 March). He is positive and has strength of faith. So many friends have come forward with help and support! God is good!
12 March 2009
A prayer for Michael as he prepares for his 2nd Cycle of Folfox tomorrow - Father, thank you for answering our prayers. Since the 1st cycle of Folfox chemo, all of us have witnessed a transformation in Michael! He is filled with a determination to live life and has been a source of encouragement to all who have spent time with him.

Father, continue to nurture that desire to bring his dreams to fruition. Keep his strength and spirits up. Bring people who will help him, bless the medical team and all his wonderful friends, family and prayer partners on PWFY, for their care, love and support.

Stay with him as he goes into the 2nd cycle tomorrow, Father.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen
17 March 2009
Michael received Cycle 3 on Wed 8 Apr. He feels better than he did taking Cycle 2!! Such strength in his faith in God, such strength in his voice! He is stoic and has been taking in the fresh air on his morning walks around the nearby lake.
Last week, his father and brothers visited the ancestoral graves in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia and had much needed opportunity to enjoy a family reunion. Church and friends continue to bring comfort and nourish his body and soul with God's love. Thank you for continuing to pray for Michael - Prayer Works!!
Blessed Easter, Joy
11 April 2009
Mike is taking chemo well, but his spirits need a boost. Please continue to pray as he goes in for his next round of chemo after he sees the oncologist on Wed 22 Apr. Thank you all for your prayers.
18 April 2009
Today Mike takes his 7th Chemo as a day inpatient at Assunta Hospital, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

With all your prayers, the results of his CT Scan and tests show he is clear to take on an additional drug, Avastin for these last 2 treatments.
Personally, I have seen Mike come alive since his diagnosis. PTL, He is physically well, able to complete daily walks around the lake near his home and enjoy the company of good friends and church members.

Mike's prayers and help for little Aidan Jacob who is 2 years old and has leukemia have been a source of comfort for Aidan's parents. Aidan is also in hospital at this time, undergoing his final round of four-day chemotherapy. His blood counts are normal and this little boy has pulled through inspite of all odds. Our God is an awesome God and Mike, thank you for your prayers!

Please pray for effective treatment that will bring restoration and healing and cover Mike as he becomes even stronger in faith
7 July 2009
PTL, Michael has completed his 8th cycle of chemotherapy. In the past few weeks since, he has caught flu and recovered. Although he feels tired and has a fever that comes and goes, his spirits have been lifted. He feels and hears our Father's reassurance and is blessed to have good friends help in any way they can. Thank you for your prayers! Please continue to pray for restoration of physical strength.
22 August 2009
Mike's CEA reading on Feb was 160 + His CEA went down to 85 after 7 cycles of chemotherapy. His oncologist changed the drug to Xeloda and Mike's CEA is now 50! Praise the Lord for the drug being effective. He will still need your prayers though, as normal CEA readings should be less than 3. Michael's faith remains steadfast.
9 November 2009
Michael is in Melbourne and enjoyed a good time with his sons Aaron and Luke. Please pray for Michael as he hopes to see his daughter today.

One of his intentions is to seek treatment at Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, but he had difficulty seeking an appointment with a General Practitioner for onward referral to the appropriate Health Professional at Peter Mac. Thank God an old friend of Michael's visited and recommended him to a doctor immediately. He was able to get a referral letter to Peter Mac, but now has to wait 2-4 weeks for the appointment. A second option would be to have Michael admitted to a local hospital as an emergency case, have a basic checkup done and transfer to Peter Mac for treatment.

Please pray for God's divine intervention - to show the way forward, for treatment to become available without delay. Michael has been generally well the past few days, except he tires easily and is severely jaundiced from his eyes through to the rest of his body.

Michael also urgently needed to have his PR transferred to his new passport. By God's divine intervention it was a miracle that the immigration officer offered 5 years' renewal of his PR status after a quick check on his children's particulars! Praise the Lord, he can now stay in either Australia or Malaysia for the next 5 years!
4 February 2010
Please pray for protection and restoration of love for Cing Sen and her family. She is 29 and from the Zomi Community in Borneo. Her father is Pa Cin, Mother is Nu Man, Siblings are Tuang Pu, Cin Pi, Lun No and Nuam Pi. Thank you
7 January 2009 by Joy Leong, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Please could you cover my family in your prayers? For salvation. For restoration, peace, love, hope and joy. Thank you
7 January 2009 by Joy Leong, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Praise the Lord for he hears and answers our prayers!
There is a willingness for my daughters and their father to accept and listen!
Thank you for your prayers - please continue, for our Father is answering!
Both girls are seeing a lot more of their Christian friends all of a sudden, and I am hopeful that one day they will all find salvation!
19 January 2009
Praise The Lord! The power of prayer - a breakthrough in communications between father and daughter, after 15 years!
It came so close to make or break...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
17 February 2009
Please pray for this ministry so that many hurting people may be helped by God.
5 May 2008 by Joy

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